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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Professional Tint Application

Professional Tint Application
The weather in central Texas has its pros and cons. The temperature can go from mild and relaxing to scorching and suffocating quickly, especially from June to September. Tinted windows on your car serve as a lifesaver during this part of the year because they keep the inside of your vehicle cooler and protect the interior from UV ray damage. But you need to ensure the tinting is properly applied in order to take full advantage of these benefits.
Properly applying tinted windows require the skill of a professional. Purchasing a DIY kit or following a technique you discovered online often turns out to be more of a headache. Learn just why professional tinting is best.

Law Compliance

States have tint laws in place that all vehicle owners must comply with, and the state of Texas is no exception. Although you're allowed to tint a rear window as dark as you'd like, the back and front side windows must not exceed a 25% rating.
The state of Texas also requires a manufacturer certification to confirm the tint rating and a sticker to certify that the tint is legal. These extra requirements aren't guaranteed with a DIY kit. However, a professional will ensure you drive away with a fully legal tinted window.

Better Material Quality

No matter what the advertisement says, the materials used in DIY kits are not the same as those used by professionals. Professionals have licenses and certifications that give them access to higher quality materials that the average person can't get.
Better quality materials are typically synonymous with longer lasting materials, a more attractive look, and most important of all, a product guarantee. In the event there is a problem with the materials, professional-grade manufacturers and the installer will make it right. With DIY grade materials, once you buy the materials or kit, you're often on your own.

Faster Completion

Window tint relies on adhesives, so it's just like tape, right? Not exactly. It's tempting to think that applying a tint film to glass is a simple task, but it's quite the challenge, especially if you don't know what you're doing and you have to go back and fix mistakes.
What you thought was going to take less than an hour can easily turn into an all-day project, particularly if the plan is to tint all the glass on your vehicle. Professional technicians have years of experience and will use this knowledge to get you back on the road with your new tint as quickly as possible.

Greater Precision

Skill isn't just important when applying window tint. The application environment is equally important. If your workspace is a dusty garage or a driveway, the result of your efforts will be less than stellar.
During the application, if the wind blows and even a few particles of dust (which is common in the Texan air) end up on the glass, it will decrease the integrity of the adhesion and create a bumpy, textured appearance. A dust and static-free environment is necessary for the best application, and the average person doesn't have access to a space that fits this description.

Cost Savings

One of the major draws for people who attempt a DIY tint application is the perceived low cost. But remember, everything isn't always as it appears. Sure, the initial purchase price of a kit might be lower than that of a professional application. However, a poor application and low-quality materials mean that a reapplication isn't far down the line.
So while your counterparts who relied on a professional application are enjoying the same tint application year after year, you could have easily had to reapply your tint two or three times, which also means double or triple the cost.
At Affiliated Auto Glass, we have the skills and tools to do the job right the first time. We use our knowledge to perform window tinting services with precision to offer our customers attractive, long-lasting results.