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How to Keep Windshield Chips or Cracks From Worsening

Photo of a Windshield

There is nothing worse than finding a crack or chip in your windshield. If you know anything about windshields, you know that even a tiny chip or crack can eventually turn into a big problem if you don't fix it quickly enough. In fact, as soon as you notice a chip or other damage to your automotive glass, the absolute best thing to do is to take your car to a shop that specializes in auto glass repairs and get it fixed immediately.

If you can't do that, though, there are a few things you can try to ward off further damage until you can get a professional fix.

Try a Windshield Repair Kit

One thing that may help you if the crack isn't too deep is to try using a windshield repair kit. You can find these kits at most automotive stores or by shopping online.

These kits typically contain a special resin, along with an applicator for the resin. Using the applicator, you apply the resin into the crack or chip, sealing it temporarily. Sealing the crack can help to prevent further cracking for awhile.

However, keep in mind that a repair kit is no substitute for professional repairs, so make sure you're using this "fix" as only a temporary measure.

Try Some Clear Nail Polish

You may already know that a dab of clear nail polish can stop a run in your pantyhose. What you might not know, though, is that clear nail polish can also be effective at stopping cracks in windshields.

Though clear nail polish may not be as capable as the resin you'll find in a windshield repair kit, a nice coating of it can help to seal and protect small chips or cracks. Plus, clear nail polish is cheap and something that many people already have on hand. As is the case with the repair kit, though, consider this only a temporary fix and not a substitute for professional care.

Try a Piece of Tape

If nail polish and repair kits are both out of your reach, you could also try something even simpler and cheaper: a piece of clear packing tape. Tape will help keep out dirt, moisture, and general debris that can worsen a crack. Plus, it's very easy to remove the tape when it gets full of dirt and then replace it. This fix, however, is also temporary, so do not consider it as an alternative to a real repair.

Stay Out of the Sun

While you're waiting to get your windshield fixed professionally, be sure to keep your vehicle out of direct sunlight, even if you've tried one of the other methods listed above. When the glass of your windshield gets too warm, this provides the perfect environment for the crack to expand and spread.

When possible, park your car in a garage or other sheltered area where it won't be exposed to intense sunlight and the variations in temperature that can lead to worsening cracks.

As you can see, there are all kinds of things that you can do to stop a crack from worsening. Remember, though, that you will eventually need to get your windshield into a shop for some professional repairs.

For great help at affordable prices, be sure to contact the experts at Affiliated Auto Glass. They can take a look at your windshield and let you know whether repair or replacement would be the best option.

No matter what, be sure to get your vehicle in as soon as possible. The longer you wait, even with these temporary fixes in place, the worse the problem is likely to get.‚Äč