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Should You Tint Your Home's Windows?

Tinted Window
You've seen window tints in other people's homes and you find the application to be both attractive and inviting. You want the same streamlined appeal in your home, but you wonder if the investment is worth it. 
Should you tint the windows in your home? Discover reasons why window tinting is a benefit your home can't afford to miss out on.
You Live on a Busy Street 
You live on a busy road, either in a neighborhood that is teeming with life or directly off a main street with cars always passing by. Living in a busy residential area feels intrusive, and you might worry about people looking in your windows.
Window tints offer privacy for your home so you no longer have to close all your curtains and blinds just to feel like you aren't being watched by everyone going by. You can even decide how tinted you want your home's windows to be: tints vary from a very light tinting to a rich, dark tint that makes it nearly impossible to see inside, although you will still be able to see out.
Your Main Windows Face the Sun
The main windows of your home, such as your living or dining room windows, have to be blocked by heavy curtains or shades simply because the direct sunlight is too uncomfortable to bear. Main windows facing the sun are inconvenient for a few reasons.
Sunlight Increases Energy Bills 
The heat from the sun's UV rays constantly penetrate through your home's windows, heating your home up unnecessarily. This constant exposure to sunlight causes you to monitor your heating and cooling more closely and can make you spend more money keeping your home cool than you'd like.
Window tints block the sun's UV rays, effectively allowing you to manage the interior temperatures of your home. Talk to your window tinting specialist about a window tint designed solely for sun protection for your windows.
UV Rays Harm Your Family and Home 
Not only is the direct sunlight penetrating your windows uncomfortable and hot, but the UV rays are harmful as well. Just as UV rays damage your skin when you are outside, they do the same when you are indoors and sitting near a window.
The sunlight also damages your home's interior, fading carpets, rugs, and furniture and causing artwork to crack or become more fragile as well. Leather furniture will also crack and dry out under the sun's constant glare. Window tinting solves this irritating problem; consider tints for your home's main windows if you don't wish to tint every window in your home.
Your Home Could Use an Upgrade 
Is your home's curb appeal lacking, but you don't have a lot of money to invest in new siding, windows, or exterior paint? Give your home a modern and contemporary allure by adding a window tint to the windows visible from the street.
Tinted windows are cost-effective: the average cost for a tinted window is between $5 and $8 per square foot. The investment you make in tinting your home's windows is worth it as you raise the value of your home with this simple and beneficial upgrade.
You can choose from many types of residential window tints, so make an appointment with a window tinting specialist to view the options available to you. You can opt for mirrored or one-way window tints for privacy or a variety of colored tints for sun protection and attractive window appeal.
The right window tint will benefit your home in many ways. Speak to one of our helpful and experienced window tint technicians at Affiliated Auto Glass today.