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The True Cost of Windshield Cracks

Cracked Windshield

A crack in the windshield is not the sort of damage vehicle owners should ignore. While its effects may appear as a mere cosmetic concern, the implications of damaged glass extend far beyond what you can see. Do you have damage you've been putting off?

Learn about some of the repercussions that come along with a cracked windshield so that you can understand why you should not put off repairs any longer. 

Increased Injury Risks

A large crack in the windshield puts your safety at a high risk in the event of a collision. Glass is a cohesive unit, in that any imperfection in the glass puts its overall integrity in jeopardy. If you're involved in an accident, the crack makes the glass more likely to break and shatter upon impact.

The broken glass could fly toward you or cause you, or any passengers, to be ejected from the vehicle. Either scenario could result in serious injuries. The reduced integrity of the glass could also prevent the airbag from deploying correctly, which also increases the level of injury sustained. 

Decreased Vehicle Stability

Every feature of a vehicle has a purpose - no part is installed simply because it looks good. Keep in mind that the windshield plays several essential roles. In addition to providing a clear view of the road ahead, windshield glass supports the car's roof.

In fact, in a rollover collision, the glass provides 60 percent of the car's support. If you have a cracked windshield and your car rolls over, the glass will break. Without the necessary support, the roof could cave in, increasing the risk of injury to you and your passengers.

Potential for Traffic Citation

Texas does not have any specific guidelines concerning cracks in your windshield, but this lack of laws does not mean that you can drive around with large cracks in your windshield without any concern. The most critical role of the local authorities is to keep the community safe. A large crack in your glass that impedes your ability to see clearly through the window goes against this goal.

A state inspection issuer can fail your inspection if you have large cracks in your windshield or if you have several smaller cracks. In addition, an officer can pull you over for similar imperfections, and the stop may or may not result in a fine. 

Lower Vehicle Value

A cracked windshield is an easy issue to repair, but this does not mean that potential buyers will overlook any imperfections. Whether you are trying to trade your car in at a dealership or you're going to go the private-sale route, you can expect the overall value of your vehicle to be reduced as a result of the damage.

First, the damage is unsightly. Most people don't want to buy a car that looks bad, even when they are buying a used car. Second, cracks send a message that the vehicle has not been well cared for. Third, the damage is a repair the new owner will have to make on their own.

Any buyer is going to consider the additional cost they have to incur as a result of the damage and likely deduct this amount, if not more, from what they're willing to pay. 

Don't ignore that chip in your windshield - make repairs a top priority now to protect your wallet and, more importantly, your safety. At Affiliated Auto Glass, we have the solutions for you. Whether you want to come to our location or need us to come to you, we can repair your auto glass and get you back on the road.