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What To Expect From A Side Window Repair

window repair
Windshields may need to be repaired for multiple reasons. The car component may incur damage around its edges due to stress from a faulty manufacturer installation. In addition, inclement weather and flying debris can cause windshield damage. However, more than a windshield may need to be repaired after exposure to these environmental stresses. The side windows may also develop cracks and chips.
People are often immediately concerned about the state of a windshield because it provides a direct frontal view of the road. As a result, a car owner may be apt to have windshield damage promptly repaired. However, the same eagerness should be applied to the repair of a damaged side window.
Cars and other objects that may be approaching from the right or left side of a vehicle are evaluated through the side windows. Consequently, damage to a side window can jeopardize the safety of the vehicle's driver and passengers each time the car or truck is driven.
Still, people may be less familiar with side window repairs. Here is a bit of information to help car and truck owners understand what to expect.

A Side Window Replacement May Be Necessary

Just as windshields can be damaged beyond repair, so can a side window. Side windows with long cracks or multiple sites of damage may need to be replaced. If the structural integrity of the window is compromised by the damage, simply filling the chips and cracks may not be a safe option. As the window is exposed to environmental stress, it could break, causing a safety issue.
Additionally, side windows are connected to mechanisms within the door of the vehicle. As a result, the machinery that allows the window to be opened and closed can impact the type of repair that can be applied.
In some instances, a side window with minimal damage may have to be replaced because the window doesn't match the new tracking mechanism that may be needed for the window to roll up and down correctly.

The Repair of a Side Window May Involve More Than the Glass

  • Window motors and switches
  • Window trim
  • Window regulators
  • Window seals
  • Window framework
  • Window wind deflectors
Since the glass of a side window rests on mechanisms within the car or truck door, faulty mechanisms may prevent the window from operating properly. If only the glass is replaced when the mechanism is still inoperable, the window may slip off of the track and roll down unexpectedly.

Minor Damage to a Side Window May Be Easily Repaired

Some types of side window damage may be quickly and easily repaired. This is often the case when only a chip or two exists. In addition, small cracks may be reparable. The length and location of the crack largely determine whether or not the glass can be repaired or will need a full replacement.

A Side Window Replacement May Be More Cost-effective

It's important to keep in mind that glass specialists may recommend a replacement to minimize costs. Although some side window repairs may be possible, they can be significant enough to necessitate a higher cost than a window replacement would.

A Side Window Repair May Be Covered by Insurance

Some side window repairs and replacements do not require any out-of-pocket expense. Some people with comprehensive insurance may find that their insurance plan fully covers the cost of glass repairs. It is best for drivers to check with their insurer for the details of their coverage before forgoing a glass repair due to the associated expense.
If one or more of your side windows is damaged, contact Affiliated Auto Glass for a full assessment.